Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Welcome to Hotel Piazza

Located in the city center in the main boulevard Peshkopi Elez Isufi, hotel Piazza ranked one of the most prestigious hotels Permissions in this city. Opened in 2012, with a particular style and with an appropriate design of the last rooms makes the hotel more comfortable in this city. Hotel Piazza is one of the favorites of foreign tourists and local business groups.

Peshkopi therma spas known for its curative qualitis are just 1.5 km way from the hotel and the valley of black drin river well known for summer vacationers is 11 km from the property and let not forget the highest mountain in albania called Korab with a altitude of 2764 m, followed by the long west montain chane.

Bllata, the border point with macedonia is 18 km from the city.A stay in  our hotel will remain a memorable visit for you

Address: 1000 - Diber - Peshkopi - Albania - Hotel PIAZZA 
Tel: +355 218 24 616 | Mobile: +35569 6741378 | Email: info@hotelpiazza.al